Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm back, pen in paw

There's been a loud silence on this blog. Why? Because I was indisposed.




Or, as humans say, at the kennel.

Our peeps left town and deliberately left us behind. Packed up the Pedigree and carted us off in the family van. And there we sat for DAYS in a fenced enclosure with a concrete floor. Can you believe it? And these people dare to call themselves animal lovers!

We'll forgive them, of course. We always do - it's our nature. But in the meantime, we'll keep rolling our downcast eyes and sucking down those snacks they keep offering up. Ahhh, an owner's guilty conscience. A dog's delight.

Anyway, on to WAG news. February is an exciting month - if you call spay and neuter exciting. (yawn) The national Humane Society designates the last Tuesday of February as Spay Day. So get your bazookas and party hats ready!

Anyway, WAG is promoting Operation "Big Fix," a spay neuter event targeted to low-income neighborhoods. Volunteers will be going out into several selected neighborhoods this month to locate cats and dogs and, with owners permission, transport them to the vet for surgery then back home, all in one day. WAG will be covering the cost for at least two dozen of these surgeries, but we hope to do many more. This is our first such event, so we'll be fine-tuning as we go. And although it's a small band-aid on a big problem, it's a start.

More members keep rolling in and this should be a great year. We've got a small TV spot on MUN television starting in February, hosting an pet-related informational segment. Spring adoptions start soon and the fundraising is going well. The weather is getting better, vacations are over and that dreary kennel is in my rearview mirror. I got a feeling that something good is in the air.

'Til later,

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