Friday, May 23, 2008

And the band marches on..

Enough about politics. Back to the important stuff - animals like me!

In May we've been able to rescue 21 dogs and cats from Walton County Animal Control and get them on the road to new homes. Here are just a couple:

We've also got kittens for adoption displayed at Boss Bros. Store and also West Walton Feed. Please adopt these detestful creatures. I do not want them coming back here! Nuisances.

We're sliding toward summer and WAG is keeping their event calendar light. The heat seems to make people sluggish. We'll be appearing at the Between Festival in August, have our usual adoption events at Boss Bros. on the second Saturday, and of course, our membership meetings on the third Tuesday. But other than that, we're just chillin'!

But don't worry about me. I've found a cool spot under the porch and will be keeping you updated as usual.

'Til later.
PS. Here's one more lucky rescue dog!

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