Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tossing Pennies

Today we have another episode of our popular series "1000 Ways to Waste Hard-Earned Money on Your Pet."

How about this handy talking bowl? Called the Chatterbowl, it records your voice so everytime your pet comes to the bowl to eat or drink, they'll hear your soothing ten second recording. Only $13.

My professional dog opinion? It's like those oinking pigs people put in their refrigerator. Pleez - we just want to eat or drink. No dialogue is necessary. Two paws down.

How about the Yuppy Puppy Treat Dispenser? It's like a gumball machine, but with treats inside and designed so dogs can work it themselves. Only $34. My opinion? One paw down. Just leave an open box of Milk Bones on the floor.

The Tick-Tock Teaser will excite the predator in your cat, the catalog says. For only $17 you can put this thing on the floor, then watch your cat play with an empty grocery sack. Three paws down.

The Furcedes Plush Dog Bed lets us sleep in style. Only $260 for a good night's snooze. Class all the way. Three paws up.

The Ultrasonic CatStop. A built-in motion sensor sends a high-decible alarm (inaudible to humans) when cats approach, frightening them away and keeping them out of gardens or other areas. Only $49. I've got 4 around my bed - best money I ever spent! Four paws up.

Want more? Check out http://www.petgadgets.com/.

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