Thursday, November 20, 2008

Watch those holiday pet treats!

It's hard to believe the holidays are just around the corner. Pets are peeking at catalogs, making their wish lists. Soon the kitchen will be filled with all sorts of yummy smells.

With all that good food on the horizon, here's one bit of caution:

Watch your pet's food intake this time of year. It's awfully tempting to fix your pet their own Thanksgiving plate of turkey meat, crispy turkey skin, potatos and gravy, stuffing, and the works. But these treats can be deadly.

Vet clinics are overrun at the holidays with cases of pancreatitis, a stomach inflammation caused by, among other things, eating too much fatty foods. Well-meaning owners scraping table scraps into Fido's bowl are the main cause. These can be deadly treats. Pancreatitis is expensive to treat and painful to experience.

And while not every animal comes down with pancreatitis, gulping down fatty meals can still lead to upset stomach, vomiting, diarrhea, or bloat. Not exactly a recipe for happy holidays!

If you want to give us a special dinner experience, how about our own turkey dinner made by a pet food company? We get a special taste of the holidays, but won't have the digestive rumblings later.

And I gotta be honest here - this is not knowledge I feel good about passing on to you. Because nothing makes a dog (temporarily) happier than a big bowl of fat, greasy food!

Apologies to my fellow canines.

'til later,


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