Sunday, February 22, 2009

New stuff

Time for another update. We've been pretty busy getting our plans scheduled for the year. Adoptions, fundraising events, pet shows, and plenty of other fun stuff.

First, we'll be popping up at Walmarts all over Walton County. Look for us in Monroe the first Saturday of each month beginning in April, and in Loganville on April 18. We'll have brochures and lots of information about adoption, spay/neuter, animal care and WAG.

Here's something new - let your old cellphones go to the dogs! We'll be collecting use consumer electronics (cellphone, iPods, laptops, digital cameras, digital video cameras and used ink jet cartridges) for recycling. Every piece donated provides funds to help the animals. So clear out your junk drawers and help us at the same time.

More coming soon. In the meantime, pet a dog!

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