Friday, September 23, 2011

A Home at Last

Let the trumpets blare - WAG has a place to call home!

We turned a very old and neglected house into our own office, complete with a cat room, volunteer office and our very own flushing toilet. And we're very excited - especially about the flushing toilet thing!

Thanks to Diversified Development for renting the house to us cheep cheep. It had been vacant for about 10 years, so WAG volunteers were very busy for a few weeks scrubbing and painting to get things looking good. Thanks to Albright's Flooring for a bargain priced bathroom floor, Tapp Plumbing for donating their time to get the bathroom ship-shape, Jason Autry, the Zajacs, the Phillips, Javier Bob, Tom and Stephanie Campbell, Bill Dean and Gustavo Ruiz for LOTS of elbow grease. Thanks also go to our anonymous donors who dug into their basements or wallets to help us with furnishings/future rent.

And if that wasn't good enough, students at Loganville Christian Academy helped put icing on the cake with an awesome landscaping job. Now we have pretty rose bushes in front, a crape myrtle tree and stepping stones to the front door thanks to the 5th grade and senior volunteers. Woo Hoo!

The house is located at 3904 Oak Grove Road, at the corner of Oak Grove and Brand Road. Easier to remember is that we're directly behind the Racetrack gas station on Hwy. 78 just past Petsmart. Better yet, we're within walking distance of Petsmart, so we can use the house to support our weekend Petsmart adoptions. And we love volunteers, so let us know if you have time to help with office or other tasks!

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