Wednesday, May 30, 2012

WAG 'n Walk

Had a great time at the WAG 'n Walk in Meridian Park. Lots of folks came out - the weather worried us in the morning, but the afternoon was great. If you missed it - what can I say? You missed lots of good stuff.

Gail Mirabella and the Dynamo Disc Dogs got lots of applause for their great program. Gail even had one of her pups on his first public event - he jumped through the hoops like a seasoned champ. Jordan Rager played several tunes for us and there seemed to be a large number of teenage girls clustered around the stage. Imagine that!  Jordan was a courteous guy, signing autographs and CD's for everyone who asked.

The 35 vendors were an awesome mixture of pet-related products, antiques, clothes, perfumes, and gifts. Thank goodness Chick-fil-A showed up with lots of sandwiches, cuz it was a hungry crowd!

Will post pics soon - got to use another computer for that.

Thanks to everyone for such a great event. We can't wait until next year!!

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