Sunday, December 30, 2012

Some Thank You's

WAG is grateful for support of the following donors during November/December, 2012: Elite Storage Solutions, B & L Solutions, Bill Dean, Danny Stone, Michael West, Carolyn Long, Judy Bullock, Mary Nichols, Sirius Grooming, West Walton Feed, Sally Van Doorn, Diane Motes, Liza Karsai, Wildchild Threads, Anne Fistel, Susan Ruelle, Deborah Odom, Jan Grissom, Catherine Stuff, Robin Smith, Ann Walker, Victoria Baker, Jennifer Stone, Clare Peterson, Karen Meredith, Sharon Donnan, Virginia Keith, James Marston, Holly Meyers, J.D. James, Barbara Postlewaite, John Arnold, Michael and Laura Haise, Cynthia Jani, Barbara McKee, M. Highsmith, Mark and Lynn Garrett, Scott Fuller, Larry and Judy Farmer, Jo Davis, Lindsey Ivester, Kathleen Morency, James and Marcia Crowley, Terry Segovis and Jamie Bourassa, Marylynne Solomon, and Denise Putnam.


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