Saturday, April 20, 2013

Some new furry faces

Say hello to our new rescues from Walton Co. Animal Control. Too cute!

Unfortunately Wendy, the scruffy girl below, has heartworms. Guess she spent a lot of time outside and wasn't given heartworm preventative. So she'll have to undergo treatment before she's available for adoption. Sad for her, but we'll get her well soon!

Lady is awfully sweet and has the cutest underbite. She's getting spayed, vaccinated and will be ready for a new home in the not-too-distant future!

And here's Daisy, a very young, scared and frightened girl. She cowered in her kennel for days while shelter workers tried to bring her out of her shell. Sh's still very nervous but has already started giving her foster mom kisses!

*Update on Daisy - We weren't able to give Daisy her happy ending. After a few fear-biting incidents, it was clear our foster situation wouldn't work for her. But thankfully the folks at Country Living Pet Rescue found a very quiet and experienced foster for her and have taken over her care. We wish them, and Daisy, all the best luck in the future!

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