Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Brotherly Reunion

In 2010 we rescued two little terrier mix puppies from Walton County Animal Control. We named them Oscar and Felix.

One of our WAG supporters, Kim, brought them to the attention of two of her friends living in California, Kay and Eileen. Kay lives in San Francisco and Eileen in San Mateo. The three former college classmates stay in touch and Kim visits California often. Kay and Eileen fell in love with Felix and Oscar's photos and filled out adoption applications for them.

Obviously Monroe is nowhere near California, so it was decided that Felix and Oscar would fly to California with Kim on her next trip. So at five months of age, the boys boarded a jet flying toward their new home. First class, no less! Well, "technically" they were in a crate, but even the stewardesses fell in love with the flying cuties while they were passed around the plane. Eileen and Kay were thrilled to meet their new babies and both boys went home.

Fast forward four years later. Here's a picture of the first reunion between Oscar and Felix since going to their new families. Don't they look great? Obviously it's to hard to know for sure if they remembered each other, but Kay and Eileen report that they seemed real comfortable together and had a wonderful time playing.

It's wonderful to see some of our rescues after so many years and to hear about the joy they bring to their families.

Rescue rocks!

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