Thursday, June 12, 2014

Puppy Partnerships

The goal of WAG's Puppy Prevention program is to help owners with unexpected litters, keep the puppies healthy, get them spayed/neutered and into wonderful homes. Then, of course, we spay mom.

But sometimes we need a little help. When several litters of puppies were ready at the same time, we reached out to Atlanta Humane Society (AHS) for assistance. While WAG holds adoptions only on Saturdays, AHS has two shelter facilities open to the public seven days a week. Because their shelter in Midtown Atlanta and a new multi-million dollar facility in Alpharetta adopt out so many puppies each week, they reach out to groups like us and offer to help place puppies. So we transported 3 puppies to AHS last week - they already found homes! Another 3 puppies went today and will no doubt find great homes by this weekend.

Because AHS is a no-kill facility, does pre-adoption spay/neuter on site, requires adoption applications and counsels potential adopters, much like our adoption program, we're confident our goals for these puppies are met and they'll have great lives. Our thanks to AHS for their help in this rewarding process!

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