Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Holly's Health Challenge

Holly needs our help! This normally spunky senior cattledog has been in foster care for almost a year. She's an amazingly fun girl and one of our favorites, but her age (7+) has so far kept her from being adopted. Trust me - people don't know what they're missing in this wonderful companion dog!
But yesterday our active girl was in obvious pain, so we whisked her off to Monroe Animal Care Hospital. Dr. Wise immediately put her on fluids, pain medication and started diagnostic tests. Holly wasn't getting better. Exploratory surgery done today revealed a small piece of towel or fabric in her small intestine, something she must have ingested recently. Unfortunately damage was extensive - Holly needed 21 inches of her small intestine removed.
The  estimate for Holly's treatment, surgery and follow-up care is $1,200. Your donations and support are appreciated. We promise to provide the love, hugs, and everything else Holly needs to get better.
This awesome girl has much love left to give someone. Please help us put the smile back on Holly's face again!

Donations can be made through Paypal link on our website at www.wagwalton.com.

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