Sunday, July 20, 2008

More Stuff

Boy, this heat makes me sluggish. But it's time to update a few things.

On August 16 WAG will be at Between Fest, or whatever they're calling the city's anniversary celebration. We're having a pet Fun Show, so get your pet's best duds out and dress them for the event.*

(* Note -I was told to say that. No self-respecting dog in their right mind wants to play dress up!)

We'll also be having events like Fastest Tail Wagger, and other highly competitive events. The entry form will be up on our website soon, so mark your calendars.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, August 12. Once again, we had to change the date because the library wasn't available on our usual date. So we'll be meeting the second Tuesday in August. After that it's back to our normal schedule.

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