Monday, July 20, 2009

Schatzi's story

Schatzi, a bouncy Sharpei mix, was turned into the Walton County shelter in September, 2008. We thought she was cute—surely she would find a home quickly. We were wrong.

Schatzi spent several months post-rescue battling a stomach bug. When she finally recuperated and went to adoption events, nobody noticed. She sat quietly in the pens watching people pass by her. Nobody asked to see her or expressed any interest in this sweet girl.

Months went by and Schatzi lived alone in her kennel. Lots of rescued dogs came and went on to new homes, but not Schatzi. So we decided to take her to the Connecticut adoption event. Maybe she’d finally find her own someone special to love.

But Day One at the Connecticut adoption started the same way. Schatzi wagged her tail hopefully as people passed her cage, but no one stopped. Same thing on Day Two. Our hearts ached for this loving dog.

Then on Day Three it happened. A young boy spotted Schatzi and put his fingers through the pen. She gave a tentative lick. “She looks like Scooby-Doo,” he squealed. His parents weren’t impressed and tried to interest him in other dogs. But four-year old Dylan knew.
As soon as Schatzi came out of the pen to visit with Dylan, he threw his arms around her. “This is MY dog,” he said proudly to anyone who’d listen. As the happy dog snuggled next to him, the bond was immediate and obvious—even to his parents. A life lesson in love was beginning.
And finally, after ten long months, Schatzi was going HOME.

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