Sunday, August 25, 2013

A WAG Rescue Dog's Life, Part I

A reality of rescue  - we can only save as many animals as there is space to keep them. Foster homes are a blessing. We wish every dog could enjoy the love of a foster home and family during their wait for the perfect adopters.

But not all of our dogs are able to experience indoor home life. Although kennels aren't the perfect alternative, it's a better option than some of these dogs have ever had. Let's take a peek at some of our accommodations.

WAG rescue dogs have several choices in kennel facilities: the Red Ruff Inn, the Westy, the Ritz Snarlton, the Terriott, or the Houndday Inn.

Our regular "rooms" have been outfitted to meet the needs of the most discriminating canine visitor. Kennel walls feature handsome charcoal gray 11 gauge welded wire, sturdy enough to prevent spontaneous room alterations by canine teeth. Guests have a choice of bedding - either stretching out in a large sturdy Petmate Petbarn in neutral tones, or snoozing in elevated comfort on colorful canvas Kuranda Beds, offering firm support in a chew-proof polyresin frame. Soft fleece bedding and pillows are included for our polite non-bed eating guests.

Liquid refreshment is delivered in colorful Fortex plastic 20 quart containers and room service offers daily meals served in chew-proof stainless steel bowls.

Our luxury suite shown below, the Ritz Snarlton,  has an added security feature - ceilings made of 12.5 gauge chain link wire, for our guests who might be tempted to exercise climbing skills, rather than relaxing and enjoying all the in-suite comforts.

Concrete floors and large fans keep cool breezes blowing in the hot summer months and cozy blankets and natural bedding are offered in winter.

The approximate cost of each kennel, bedding and miscellaneous supplies is $750. Sponsorships are available for our kennels - a great way for businesses to help community pets!

10 x 10 kennel 
Petbarn dog house
Kuranda bed
Barrel fan

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  1. You are a class act Karen! Thank you for all you do!