Saturday, August 31, 2013

Many Thanks to our Supporters!

Plenty of animals lovers are behind the scenes helping WAG make a difference. A special thank you to the following for their generous donations: Daniel Kavanagh, Fraqnces Lamar, Diane Motes, Debra newton, Sallie Lacasse, Gail Porteus, Diane Mozzochi, Lars Carlson, Ryan Sullivan, J. Fortier, Keith Nelson, Linda Jameson, William Garthwaite, Elizabeth McManus, Amy Martin, Toni Cucuzza, Bradley & Gretchen Castille, Albert Merola, Phillip Renner, James and Maureen Hackett, John and Heather Grattan, Jeannette Wimmer, Roxanna Dubrulle, Sharon Colton, Marsha Blackmon, Carol and Ted Baum, Mark and Lynn Garrett, Legacy Bank, Richard Beck, Ray Memorial Presbyterian, Infinite Endeavors, Lumay Enterprises, Georgeann Ferguson, KarlaWardell, and L. Smith. Your support is appreciated!

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