Thursday, September 26, 2013

A WAG Rescue Dog's Life, Part II

Concrete and kennels are only a small part of rescue. Keeping our dogs healthy and happy while they're waiting for a new home is our most important goal.

Dogs love daily routine. To keep kennel dogs from getting bored, we have several outings each day in good weather. Much like children, dogs like to keep busy with a variety of activities. Climbing, jumping, wrestling and chasing each other, catching balls or playing in the leaves are just a few of the fun doggy things available.

Even bringing in the newspaper can be an enjoyable group activity!

Our dogs have daily romps in the field following the fun cart (or what you might call a golf cart.) Most LOVE to stretch their legs and run beside the cart, ears flapping in the breeze. Our special cart is loaded with snacks and, as the new dogs soon learn, may stop at any time with yummy treats so everyone usually stays fairly close by. 

Hijacking the fun cart is a common canine caper for those too tired to run anymore!  

In the summer, kiddie pools are available for splashing or just lying down and getting cool. Jupiter, a Great Dane mix, has nailed down the cooling-off skill!

Group digging sessions are fun, especially in the "approved" digging zone: under the oak trees where chipmunks sometimes hang out! 

Whether it's fun in the outside play yard or just sitting around socializing, the dogs are always glad to have visitors. 

But, as mother always told you, life can't be all fun and games. Play is important, but so are manners and we want to help our dogs become happy, polite and socialized canine citizens. 

Coming soon: In Part III of  the life of a WAG rescue we'll check out some of the training time spent with our rescue dogs.

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