Thursday, January 22, 2015

Honoring Scooter

The sudden unexpected death of a pet is a heartbreak for any animal lover. When Pierre and Judy Kimball recently lost their beloved dog, Scooter, they were understandably devastated.
Scooter was a frightened dog rescued from Floyd County that the Kimball's took into their home to foster. He blossomed and soon became what the rescue community calls a "foster failure". They loved him too much to let him go anywhere else. Scooter enjoyed life as one of their much loved pets and burrowed his way into their hearts.
Sadly, the day after Christmas Scooter escaped from the fence of a home the Kimball's were visiting. Lost in an unfamiliar area, Scooter couldn't find his way back. He was later found dead in the roadway after being struck by a car.
Nothing will ever fix the heartbreak brought by Scooter's loss. But thanks to Scooter's loving parents, his memory will live on through a wonderful gift to WAG. By creating Scooter's Second Chance Friends, other rescue animals will be saved and go on to bring joy into the lives of their new families, just as Scooter did. Our heartfelt thanks to the Kimballs for giving the gift of life and love to other rescue pets. WAG is proud to help honor Scooter's life.
We'll be introducing you to the first of Scooter's Second Chance Friends soon!

Scooter Kimball

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