Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Thankful Woof!

WAG is very grateful to these January donors for giving second chances to some wonderful animals: Debbie Jackson, Marlena Wald, Keith and Rachel Nilsen, Brad and Natalie Phillips, Jack and Dianne James, Alliance Fire Protection, Kroger Company, Warren Furlow, Steve and Susan Brown, Petsmart, Georgeann Ferguson, Crystal Francis, Tammy Mesite, Martha Hardy, Chris Sherlock, Tara Perrin, Vicki Morrissey, Crystal Pugh, Annie Halstead, William Dean, Trudy Wall, Alice O'Neal, Suzanne Isacson, Brian Ottaviano, Catherine Swanson, Judy and Pierre Kimball, Deanna Vanderhejde, J. Michael Martinez, Clair and David Thurber, Lauren Lawrence, Jimmy and Rosemary Breedlove, Christina Carrell,Stephanie Kennedy, Kristen Thomas, Jennifer Stein, Virginia Tucker, Carol Collins, Maxwell Adams, Allen Parrish, Mona Manus, Sherrie Preuss, Randi Short, Sudabeh Crouch, Anthony Davis, Ricky Graham, Marilyn Bennett, David Canup. And also to those anonymous folks who dropped their paper or shiny money in our donation box - Thank You!

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