Monday, March 24, 2008

Our TS weekend

A Saturday at Tractor Supply - is there any better springtime activity?

It may not be the normal weekend hangout, but it was a good spot for our recent adoption event. Thanks to Gail at Tractor Supply for inviting us. The hardy crew of Lynn Turner, Cheryl Reynolds, Karen Dean, Roy Mallady, Beth Perry, Tanya and Jill and Samantha don't-know-their-last-names adopted out two dogs and a kitten in the 4-hour span. Not quite our usual one-per-hour quota, but we met some nice folks and helped create some new families.

This is Opie with his new pack, the Kerpics. Opie came from Walton Animal Control, but we promised him a new home and were glad to fulfill that promise. Thanks to the Kerpics for welcoming Opie into their brood.
Here's a shot of some of the, kittens that were waiting for homes. Too bad they're gonna end up as cats. Grrr.
All in all, things went well. Thanks to all who stuffed money in our donation jar - every little bit helps!
And the best news is that there are plenty more WAG events coming up, so stay tuned!
'Til later, Buddy

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