Saturday, March 8, 2008

Popsicle Pups

Temperatures in the mid 30’s. Cold, blustery winds. Rain mixed with snow flurries. Sounds like a great day for an outdoor adoption, right?

First, let’s set things straight. This event was conducted by humans – my species was just along for the ride. Because no canine in their right mind, homeless or not, would choose to sit outside for any length of time in that kind of weather.

All I can say in WAG member’s defense is that their hearts are sometimes bigger than their brains.

So the weather made today’s adoption event short and sweet. All the dogs were packed up and taken home at noon because it was just way too cold sitting on that concrete. Even so, we still adopted out 2 before going home.

Boss Bros. has good crowds on weekends, so we seem to have found a great spot for adoptions. Our continuing gratitude to everyone at BB for their hospitality. They even made WAG folks a fresh pot of coffee this morning to help thaw them out!

But I can’t wait for the mild April weather.

‘Til later,

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