Monday, March 17, 2008

We hit the road yet again.

Ready for another adoption event? Tractor Supply is having their anniverary celebration March 22 and WAG was invited to bring some animals down to showcase for potential adopters. Cross your paws that the weather is good. March in Georgia can be unpredictable.

Spring brings flowers and lots of puppies and kittens. Anticipating the upcoming baby crunch in the animal shelter, we've arranged for both Boss Bros. and Tractor Supply to showcase kittens for adoption this season. Fortunately, our local stores are run by great pet lovers! WAG will furnish multi-level cages, so shoppers will have a great opportunity to watch the babies tumble and play. Some say kittens are irresistible. I don't personally share that opinion. They're ill-mannered, pesky and tend to bite at wagging dog tails. Obnoxious!

Hope everyone is cleaning out their closets and basements in anticipation of our April 22 Fleas and Dogs event. It's a handy opportunity to get rid of stuff that you don't need but is too good to throw away, while helping animals at the same time. Proceeds will fund more WAG projects. It'll be a day of food, fantastic finds and lots of fun, so come on out!

'Til later, Buddy

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