Thursday, March 6, 2008

Spring is springing

We're into March Madness! There has been a lot going on, so let me see if I can remember all of it.

On February 18th WAG presented the Walton Co. Fire Department with 20 sets of pet oxygen masks, enough for each fire station in the county. The masks work much better for pets than human masks by offering a better stream of oxygen. Surprisingly, it's not uncommon for rescuers to find pets affected by fires. They're often the first to experience smoke inhalation symptoms. Fireman related stories of an emergency at an exotic petshop owners house. They rescued tons of snakes, lizards, cats, dogs and tarantulas. I gotta tell you - I could've easily excused them for conveniently "forgetting" the tarantulas.

Unfortunately, there's no photos of the presentation, since WAG Peeps forgot the camera. Quite a reliable publicity department we've got, huh? But we did manage to snag some Tribune coverage. And local MUN TV ran coverage as well, so at least some people were on the ball.

Walton County Commission chairman Kevin Little attended the presentation, something we greatly appreciated. Thanks also to Fire Chief Moore and Battalion Chief Marsh for their cooperation. While we hope they never need them, perhaps these masks will help in some way.

Meet one of WAG's newest friends - Christy Breedlove. She recently had a birthday and asked her friends to give her pet food instead of gifts. Then she called us and donated 125 lbs. of dog food! How cool is that? What a creative way to help animals. Many thanks to Christy.

Our last S/N "Walk-About" canvassing Monroe neighborhoods signed up 12 pets for free surgeries. That means we made our goal of 24 for the month. What a great way to end our first Spay/Neuter program!

Saturday, March 8 is our next adoption day at Boss Brothers General Store. Make sure to come out and find your new pal!

We're also planning a rummage sale for April, so stay tuned for more news on that.

But that'll wrap up my news for now. I see a cat creeping onto the back porch. Grrrr.

'Til later, Buddy

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