Friday, February 15, 2008

Westminster who?

So a beagle won Westminster - the biggest dog show in the country. Like I care. Bloodlines are waaaaaay overrated. When are those snotty breeders going to wise up and let us All-American types into the ring? We'd run those yappy little yodelers all over the arena.

But I digress. On the WAG front, here's some great news. After the successful adoption event at Boss Brothers last weekend and one the following day at Pet Smart, there was enough space to rescue 12 dogs from Walton Animal Control. Yay!

Our future Boss Brothers adoption events will be held on the second Saturday of each month, so plan on stopping by. You never know where you'll find a new warm and cuddly friend.

On February 18th we'll be presenting Walton Co. Fire Rescue with pet resusitation masks for each fire station in the county. These hook up to oxygen tanks and give a better flow of air to pets who may suffer from smoke inhalation or carbon monoxide poisoning. It's just another way of trying to help as many pets as we can.

Don't forget the next WAG meeting on February 19 at 6:30 pm at Walton-Monroe library!

'Til later,

Monday, February 11, 2008

Fixin' and Finding Homes

Just thought you'd be interested in an update of our February events.

"Operation Big Fix," our spay/neuter project, has been very successful. We've done 9 surgeries since the flyers were distributed on February 2. WAG promised free s/n for the first 24 residents signed up from areas we canvassed. We've transported a few, others were able to come on their own. The Walton Tribune will be penning a short story about our efforts, so keep an eye out for that.

Our first adoption event at Boss Bros. went off without a hitch this weekend. We brought 14 animals, 4 were adopted - which was about one for each hour we were there. Not bad for a start!

Here are a few photos:

Some happy adopters

Joe was a little chilly, so we wrapped him up!

Up front and in plain view.

Thanks so much to our member volunteers Susan Boss and the Boss Bros. staff, Lee Ann Wilkinson, Karen Dean, Robbie Thomas, Laura Templeton, Jessie Romer and Nancy Holdren, plus a few assorted friends who helped out. And good luck to all those who found new homes! It's a good feeling, isn't it?

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dressed for Success

Overall, I like humans. (Peeps, as I call them.) My Peeps are pretty good to me. We eat regularly, have occasional snacks, run in the field and roll in stinky stuff whenever we find it. Unfortunately, they’ve yet to figure out the benefits of those aromas and insist on bathing us afterwards. But still...

By some pet-owning standards, we have it pretty good. Guess it depends on your point of view.

Take ultra-spoiled pets, for example. They sleep in luxury, have seasonal clothing, dine on fine cuisine and seem to have every advantage.

If you want to spend big money on pets, it’s very easy to find places to take your cash. Try for example. For $1,800 your dog can sleep in this bed. It's chenille with crystal legs and comes with a throw pillow. This thing makes my blanket look pretty rank.

Does you dog cruise around the house barefoot? The shame of it. What about this stunning ruby slippers - only $59.

Then there's the dog who's not happy with their looks. Humans have the advantage of dressing up their image. Why should dogs be limited? So, FINALLY, someone has come up with dog wigs. Just take a look at these beauties. This is the Bo Derek line, with a simple gold necklace complimenting the elegant look of braids.

But even better is this look, called the J-Lo. This mass of cascading curls will make any dog look like a million, even a plain Chihuahua!

Of course, those are girly looks. Us guys need some help every now and then, too. So here you go.

All I can say is this - thank goodness there's finally something available to hide my bald spot!
'Til Later, Buddy

Monday, February 4, 2008

Maybe it was that persuasive AFLAC duck

Next time you start a new job, don't be surprised if your employer offers insurance for Fido and Fifi.

According to Veterinary Pet Insurance, the largest pet insurance co., their corporate accounts are skyrocketing and nearly 15 percent of their business is now large employers. Companies like Del Monte, Home Depot, Sprint and Walt Disney are making pet insurance part of their employment package. Probably not a bad thing, since pet owners spent $9.8 billion on vet care in 2007!

It's about time the rest of the world realizes what we pets already know - a family member with fur is just as important as one without!