Thursday, April 2, 2009

Gigi Gets Lucky

Check out these before/after photos. Gigi was found wandering the streets by Walton Animal Control. She was a matted, nasty, smelly Pekingese mess. But we were determined to find the diamond buried underneath. Thanks to the staff at Countryside Veterinary Hospital, Gigi was soon groomed and smelling soooooooo much better.

Once all that hair was gone we found Gigi was blind and a tad hearing impaired. But she's a spunky sweet girl that needs a new home. We're gonna be picky about Gigi's new family because she's so special. Being blind poses a few extra challenges but Gigi meets them head-on. She's a little slower to warm up to new people, but is an extraordinary talented snuggler and loves sitting with people while watching tv or reading.

If you're looking for a perfect dog specimen, Gigi isn't the one. But if you're looking for a wonderful girl who deserves a loving home, will reward you with years of loyalty and needs just a little extra help, you're on the right path.