Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Puppy Prevention Success

There's no simple solution to the pet overpopulation problem. WAG's Puppy Prevention program was created to start at the source - spay female dogs that have already had at least one litter, hoping to prevent any further births. Spaying and neutering the puppies before adoption also prevents any accidental litters that might occur if new owners wait too long to sterilize their new pups.

In the three months since beginning, WAG has welcomed 36 puppies and 6 mother dogs into the PP program. Most puppies leave mom at 6-8 weeks for adoption and the mother dog is typically ready to be spayed 4-6 weeks later. To-date, 22 puppies have been adopted and 3 female dogs spayed. 

When owners sign their animals up for the program, puppies and mother dog are immediately dewormed and vaccinated (depending on age). Subsequent dewormings and vaccinations follow. After their second set of vaccinations, the puppies are typically ready to leave mom. All dewormings and vaccines are paid for by WAG.

When puppies leave mom, they're spayed/neutered and go to a WAG foster home, ready to start their journey toward a new home. WAG volunteers later schedule the mother dog's sterilization surgery through Paradox Spay Neuter Clinic and contact the owner, paying for the cost of spay-related surgery and rabies vaccine.

Our thanks to the community for supporting this program - both pet owners and donors who've made this initiative possible. We're making a difference - one dog at a time!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

A new Lady

WAG welcomes a new enrollee in our Puppy Prevention program - Lady, a happy hound mix. Her circumstances are a little different than some of our other PP mom dogs - she was a stray found during the icy cold month of February by an animal- loving good samaritan. A vet exam revealed Lady was pregnant, so the GS decided rather than take Lady to the shelter, she'd foster her until her puppies were born. So five weeks ago Lady had 7 puppies! After contacting lots of rescues with no luck, Lady's benefactor called WAG. We're going to squeeze the puppies into our program and hope to also have space for Lady soon because she's SUCH a loving, kind girl and deserves a wonderful life.

Her puppies are adorable, but we have to be honest - they didn't get any of mom's flashier looks. Four black puppies with some white markings and three brindle babies. But hey, everybody can't have dazzling movie star dog looks - and just take a peek at these sweet faces! Everyone had their first set of vaccines/deworming and puppies will be available for adoption in a few weeks. We're glad WAG could help this deserving furry family!