Friday, March 29, 2013

Sunny Days

Here are pictures of a few of our fosters, Sammy, Honey and Roxie, on a sunny day in the field.

 Honey (brown dog) and Roxie (white/brown) were rescued last fall with 15 puppies between them. All the puppies grew up healthy and found homes. I guess shared time in the maternity ward brought the two closer, because Honey and Roxie LOVE to play with each other! They run, leap, roll and play.

Honey loves to play in the leaf pile in our pasture, sliding into and jumping through it. She's such a fun-loving dog!

And everyone met our newcomer Duke this week. The girls liked him, but Sammy still isn't sure he needs another male around to help.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The WAG 'n Walk Pet Festival

Hard to believe it's almost time for another WAG 'n Walk Pet Festival!

Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 4, 2013 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Meridian Park in Loganville, on Highway 81 at Twin Lakes Road. Meridian is one of Walton County's public parks. We have a blast - lots of vendors, animal demonstrations, and other cool stuff. This festival is in it's fourth year and each one gets bigger and better!


The WAG 'n Walk is a fun  festival, but also a major fundraiser for our rescue program. No secret here - it costs money to rescue animals. For example, since December WAG incurred medical expenses in excess of $3,000 for just two dogs - Brenda and Jake. Jake survived his bout with parvo and pneumonia and is now in an awesome home. Puppy Brenda needed three incisions in her stomach/intestines to remove all the yucky stuff she'd ingested. Thankfully her puppy resilience pulled her through the health crisis and she's also found a family and moved on to her new life. But our Mercy fund was depleted and has yet to bounce back. We don't want to deny lifesaving treatment to any animal we rescue, so donations are always welcomed! Visit our website at for a convenient Paypal link.

WAG 'n Walk sponsor slots are still available. Your business will benefit from flyers, email blasts to hundreds of our supporters and the radio/print media advertising planned. Click here for more info.

Vendor spots are also open. A wide variety of vendors means the festival is a great place to look for unique Mother's Day or Father's Day gifts, or just for you gifts. Vendor fee is only $35 if you reserve early.

All our Happy-Ever-After Club rescue dogs will lead a walk around the lake at Meridian Park. If you'd like to help lots of homeless pets, set up a fundraising page and get your friends/family to sponsor your walk. At you'll see examples of a free fundraising page to use and be able to set up one of your own.

More news about the WAG 'n Walk will be coming, so stay tuned!

Monday, March 25, 2013

A better day for Duke

Duke sat in the shelter for a few weeks. He'd wag his nub tail at everyone, but rescues passed him up and potential adopters weren't interested. Maybe because he tested positive for heartworms. That's not his fault, of course. This wasn't the only problem caused by his previous owners neglect. He broke a leg when he was young - a pin was inserted to stabilize the leg, but his owners never took him back to the vet. His leg healed, but his has a permanent "hitch" in his "giddyup." Doesn't bother him, though. He's a happy boy.

Lots of people stepped up with donations for Duke, so his heartworm treatment will be scheduled soon. We have every reason to think that things will only get better for Duke from now on.

Thank to everyone in Duke's fan club!

He hopped right up into the crate, not sure where he's going but anywhere's gotta be better than where he was!

Duke sniffing out his new surroundings - grass!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Beautiful Summer

 Check out his pretty girl! Summer is a young girl surrendered by his owner, who didn't have "time" for her anymore. Summer deserves much better, so WAG rescued her from the shelter and will be helping her find a new home.

Watch for more news coming on Summer.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Milton and family

Here are some pics of Milton in his new home. Poor GA boy Milton will have to adapt to plenty of white stuff on the ground from now on in MA. But what a sweet boy and lucky family. Thanks to the Gagne family for giving Milton his happy-ever-after ending!

Monday, March 18, 2013

One more success!

Congratulations to Scarlett who finally found her forever home tonight.

That leaves only one more of Payson's pups left still waiting for their happy ending. So let's find Shaylee a family!


Friday, March 15, 2013

Hitting the road

We drove Milton to Jackson, GA today to meet the transport van, then said our good-byes as he heads toward a new home in Massachusetts! He's such a sweet boy. Milton was rescued from the shelter in October, 2012. He tested positive for heartworms, but responded well to treatment. Now he's healthy and has an excited new family waiting for him.

He'll arrive at his new home on Saturday - hopefully his new family will share some photos with us! Thanks to our WAG supporters - your donations made Milton's new life a reality

                                              PETS LLC van

                                             A happy but anxious Milton

                                                         All Aboard!

Bon voyage, Milton!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Milestones for Milton

Just got word that one of our rescues, Milton, has found a home in Massachusetts. Thanks to Linda at K9 Rescue of VA for working things out for him. We pulled Milton from the shelter in October, vetted and treated him for heartworms thanks to sponsorship funds. Now the icing on the cake is a new home for him! Transport is being arranged - pics will follow. Yay Milton!!!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Thank You to Donors

WAG is fortunate enough to have received support from the following donors during January/February, 2013:

Peggy Missler, James Burgess, Maureen Lee, Cynthia Anderson, Marlena Wald, Debbie Jones, Alliance Fire Protection, Crystal Francis, Joanna Emmons, Daniel Summers, Sankaran Ganesh, Tim and Kristin Hyers, Karen Meredith, the Walton Tribune, Faith Baker, Debra Cornelius, Debra Newton, and Carla Brown.

                                               THANK YOU!!