Saturday, January 31, 2009

Better Late Than Never?

Seems I'm rather behind on blogging. But Christmas was busy - we were fostering kittens (gag) around here - and then vacations came along, etc. But I'm here now and ready to update you on WAG happenings.

Our results for 2008 were great. We rescued over 150 cats and dogs from the Walton County animal shelter and sent them on their way to new homes. We paid for 100 spay/neuter surgeries for low-income residents, preventing scores of unwanted kittens and puppies from ending up in the shelter. Several rescued dogs needed surgical care to get them 100% healthy and we were glad to arrange that for them.

Walton County animal lovers have been fantastic and eager to help. And there's plenty of them. Do you know there's an estimated 18,000 pet-owning households in our county? Can you imagine what we could accomplish if each household gave just $10 a year? We'd make a great leap toward ending euthanasia in the shelter. And that's what this is all about - finding great homes for needy pets and helping people become the best pet owners they can be.

Breeding season is coming up soon, so we're planning a spay/neuter drive. In June of last year more than 200 kittens were turned into the shelter. Unfortunately most failed to live happily ever after. Rather than watch that happen each year, let's get those mamas fixed. February is Spay/Neuter month and we're ready to party!

If you'd like to help, visit our website at and look for the PayPal link on the "how to help" page. Every donation moves us farther along!

And thanks for caring.

'Til later,