Monday, September 8, 2008

Once More, For Effect

I should really read the previous posts, huh? Seems I told you twice in a row about the calendar contest and Boss Brothers Pet Fair. Oh well, it's just THAT good.

How about a happy story instead? Check out Trooper, a dog we got out of the Walton County shelter. His before photo is a mess.

Here's the after version.

Barbara, a groomer at the PetSmart in Conyers, worked on Trooper for THREE HOURS! He had severely matted hair, twisted and pinching his flesh. Some thorns embedded in the mats had even worked their way into his skin. But when Barbara was finished, Trooper was prancing around the room, thrilled to be rid of that ugly, heavy mess of fur. Way to go Barbara!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

September news

Hey everybody!

Is summer done yet? The calendar says so, but the heat hasn't caught on yet. I'm looking forward to a few crisp fall days.

WAG has a few things going on this month.

First, the Community Pet Calendar contest is underway. Send in your cute pet photos and watch your pet become a Pet of the Month pin-up star! The deadline for entries is September 30, so get those pictures in!
On September 27 we'll be at Boss Brother's Country Store celebrating their Pet Health Fair. Paradox Spay Neuter Clinic will be doing a vaccination clinic, we'll have a pet show, games for kids, pets for adoption, and plenty of pet-related information from reps of companies like Purina and others.
Oh, a side note - TV fans, check out "Dogtown" Friday nights on the National Geographic Channel. It's an awesome place in Utah that rescues thousands of animals each year. An interesting and inspirational show.
That's it for now, my evening Milkbone awaits. But there will be more soon!
'Til later,