Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays

'Tis the season for thanks, so here it is - on behalf on WAG I want to thank all the people who've helped us this year! You're our heroes!

Here's some of what we've done in 2009:

  • Rescued 224 dogs/cats from the shelter
  • Paid for spayed/neuter of more than 80 pets of deserving families
  • Paid for lifesaving medical treatment like amputations, eye surgeries, heartworm treatments, and other procedures to help rescue pets start their new lives
  • Drove to Connecticut with 140 pets for a 3-day adoption event, found homes for 136 of them.
  • Started a pet food pantry for pet owners struggling to make ends meet
  • Went into schools and talked to students about supporting pets and humane care.
  • Held a holiday adoption event that gave more than 45 pets a new home for Christmas.
None of this would have happened with support of the animal-loving public. Some of you sent $10, some $100 or more - whatever the amount, it allows us to help lots of deserving pets and people. Fundraising is no fun - we'd much rather hang around with dogs - but a necessity for us. To each of our contributors, we're incredibly grateful you chose to help WAG!

And now I will say, as I turn off my light,
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Good dog

I haven't mentioned Jackson lately, but he's doing great. No more jumping on people and nibbling when he's not supposed to. He leash walks, sits and lies down when asked. He sits nicely for his supper and has finally found some much-needed doggy etiquette.

But the one thing I can't make him stop is biting my legs! Drives me nuts!! I can tell I'm getting older - all that playtime is tough. But Jackson loves to run, play and wrestle. Not that I can't keep up, mind you, but he'd probably have fun in a home with a younger dog. 'Cuz I'm missing a lot of nap time lately.

Home for the Holidays

Our biggest news? The success of our Home for the Holidays adoption! There were 41 new families created that day - that's how many dogs/cats were adopted! Plus, in the week before the adoption, 5 more went home with people who couldn't come to the event and wanted to adopt early. So nearly half the animals that came to the adoption found new homes. Amazing!

Lots of WAG volunteers busted their tails that day but if I started naming them I'd forget someone. They know who they are - we love ya! Thanks to rescue groups like Pound Puppies and Kittens, Georgia Rescue and Rehab and Bliss Animal Haven who brought lots of furry friends needing homes. More thanks to the community that showed up and supported us all - you guys are awesome. You can't do much better than saving a life during the holidays.

Hope your new year is a happy one.

'til later,



OK, so I've been doing a poor job of updating my blog. In fact, they're threatening to let Walter take over the blog. This is Walter - a scheming feline who would like nothing better than to make me look bad. So since it's late at night and I can't sleep, I'll post a bit about our latest happenings.

Take that, you conniving cat!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Loving Homes Wanted

Heads up - our Home for the Holidays adoption is coming! Saturday, December 19, we'll be at Petsmart in Loganville with over 100 rescued dogs/cats/kittens/puppies that are looking for homes. These guys don't deserve to spend the holiday in a cold kennel. but rather need a loving family for Christmas. So come out this weekend and find your new friend. All the animals have been spayed or neutered and are current on vaccinations.

Save a life this holiday season. Adopt!!!