Thursday, December 24, 2009

Home for the Holidays

Our biggest news? The success of our Home for the Holidays adoption! There were 41 new families created that day - that's how many dogs/cats were adopted! Plus, in the week before the adoption, 5 more went home with people who couldn't come to the event and wanted to adopt early. So nearly half the animals that came to the adoption found new homes. Amazing!

Lots of WAG volunteers busted their tails that day but if I started naming them I'd forget someone. They know who they are - we love ya! Thanks to rescue groups like Pound Puppies and Kittens, Georgia Rescue and Rehab and Bliss Animal Haven who brought lots of furry friends needing homes. More thanks to the community that showed up and supported us all - you guys are awesome. You can't do much better than saving a life during the holidays.

Hope your new year is a happy one.

'til later,


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