Tuesday, September 29, 2009

See Mercy Run

It's gonna take awhile for Mercy's remaining back leg to strengthen up for the extra weight, but she's doing pretty good so far. Speaking of weight, right now she tops the scale at 45 lbs. That won't last long, though, with her foster dad whipping her up yummy meals three times a day!

She heads out into the backyard a few times a day to run around - she moves pretty good for a three-legged dog!

Mercy seems really grateful for the help she's getting and gives lots of kisses to everyone - me included! Oh, one good thing - as she's feeling better I'm seeing a certain twinkle in her eye when she looks at cats. Yeah! I'd love to have some help ridding our home of those annoying furballs.

'til later,


Glamour Girl

Today was a day at the spa for Mercy. Thanks to Rhue Jefferson at Countryside Vet, she's been bathed, coiffed, manicured, pedicured and perfumed. She was kinda grungy, so no doubt she feels much better now. Here's she is, post-beauty treatment.

Compared to the rest of us dogs, Mercy is chowing down pretty good. Breakfast today was scrambled egg, rice and peanut butter toast. She ate dog food for lunch, then had steak and rice for dinner. Not a bad deal! I'm kinda jealous, but she's pretty skinny and certainly needs the extra calories. Here she is eating breakfast:

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mercy's surgery

Mercy is on the mend. On Friday Dr. Lazarov led a 3-hour surgery to remove what was left of her back leg. She came through well and was even up and taking potty breaks later that evening. She's adapting fairly quickly - probably because she was already accustomed to not having use of the leg.

She went to her foster home today and will be fattened up, brushed, bathed and spoiled for awhile. Right now I can't think of a dog that deserves it more!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mercy info

Thanks to all who have donated to Mercy. Animal lovers are an amazing bunch of people.

To update, we found she's very anemic and may need a blood transfusion before her surgery. Currently she's getting pain meds, antibiotics, etc and is being kept as calm and comfortable as possible. Her crate is in a quiet spot and she really seems to like being in there - thank goodness!

We'll keep you posted as time goes on.

Thanks again for your kindness!!



You may have seen Mercy's story on our site. I can't imagine what this girl went through, forced to chew off her own leg to survive. We're doing our best to help her. She'll undergo surgery soon to amputate what's left of her right back leg. It may take awhile to adjust, but we hope Mercy will be back to her happy self soon.
To donate toward Mercy's medical care, visit our website at www.wagwalton.com and donate via PayPal, or mail donations to WAG, PO Box 169, Monroe, GA 30655.
Thanks for caring!

More stuff

Seems I have a lot of catching up to do!

Mother Nature rained out our Hogs for Dogs on 9/19, but we're determined to try again. Saturday, October 17 2009 seems like a good day for a motorcycle ride. So we'll be at Atlanta Boss Hoss on that date. Check our website for more details.

Saturday, September 26 is the date for our adoption at Boss Brothers Country Store, unless more rain keeps up away. Please come out and see all the great dogs (and a few annoying cats) looking for homes.

We'll also be at the Social Circle Festival on 10/3 saying hello to all you animal lovers out there. Stop by and see us.

A few more adoption dates ahead in October - I'll let you know more about those later.

'til later!