Saturday, February 28, 2015

Retiring Moms

Here are a couple of recently retired mama dogs - June and Scully. These two girls contributed 16 puppies to our Puppy Prevention program. All their babies were spayed/neutered and found great homes. Now both have been spayed and are officially retired from the Mom business, devoting their full attention to being happy family pets. Thanks to their owners Alicia and Kim for working with WAG to "fix" their puppy issues!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Celebrating Happy Hearts

Happy Valentines Day! Lots of WAG happy hearts so far in 2015 - check out these lucky pets with their new owners.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Shop Kroger for WAG

Attention Kroger Shoppers - Help Animals on Aisle 4! And Aisle 5, 6, 7,...!
Did you know your grocery shopping can help homeless pets? Sign up for a Kroger Plus Card card, use for card for grocery savings and designate Walton Animal Guild as your charity of choice through the Community Rewards program. Quick, simple and helps pets all year long! For more info visit

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Cooper scores a home!

Our boy Cooper found a new home today, after only a few shorts weeks in foster care. The first dog rescued through Scooter's Second Chance Friends, Cooper will be the happy companion of a retired dog lover who is ready to spend lots of time with him. Way to go, Cooper!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Fawn's Lucky Day

Monday February 2 was supposed to be Fawn's last day alive.
After spending more than a week in the shelter with no adopter inquiries and rescues passing her by, she was on the post-weekend euthanasia list. Only a year old and lots of life ahead of her. Destined to be just another animal dead in the shelter while people who won't spay/neuter their pets offer a collective shrug - not our fault, they say.
But Monday WAS her last day - in the shelter, that is. Fawn got lucky. A caring animal lover stepped forward and offered to foster her for WAG. Fosters offer more than their home to these animals. They offer the gift of time and a hopeful, happy future. Fosters change the world for these deserving dogs.
Fawn literally bounced out of the shelter, thrilled to see grass again! She leaped into the crate, anxious to put miles between her and the shelter and looking toward new adventures. We snapped a few pictures before she left for her foster home, but she didn't want to stand still for long. She was too busy running in happy circles.
Fawn will soon be vaccinated, dewormed, spayed and tested for heartworms. She's joined the WAG rescue crew and will be available for adoption soon! Our thanks to her sponsors for contributing toward this playful girls care!

Monday, February 2, 2015


This little girl was dragged into the shelter by her owner. Reason for surrender? "She keeps having puppies." His response to the suggestion of having her spayed - "I don't have time to fool around with all that."
So she huddled in the corner of her shelter cage, terrified and not sure what she did wrong or why she'd been abandoned. We couldn't leave her there, so she's a WAG rescue dog now.
But this isn't really a sad story, because the upside for this adorable girl is the opportunity to find a family that truly loves and appreciates her sweet nature.
A new start, a new name - Penny. First important step on the road to her new life is her upcoming spay. A simple solution to the puppy problem.
Too bad there's not such an easy fix for human stupidity.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Beat the Heat!

BEAT THE HEAT spay special is still going on at Paradox Spay Neuter Clinic, so get your kitties signed up! WAG will be subsidizing costs to spay 25 female cats of Walton County residents as part of that program.