Monday, October 3, 2011

Pet lovers unite!

Look for pet-friendly help or services in our area? Check out, a resource guide to various pet and non-pet related businesses. Everyone listed is a WAG supporter.

Look up a business and give them a call. Let's help those who help us!

Keepin' busy

I was rather busy last week. We took over 500 lbs of dog/cat food to the WAG pet food pantry at FISH in Monroe. Great donations from Purina, Walmart and Petsmart!

Also took this sweet old blind girl to Cornelia on Saturday to meet her new owner. Sad story - her human died and someone cleaning out the house just put her out on the street to fend for herself! Humans are puzzling creatures. She ended up the shelter - most old dogs don't last long. But thanks to seeing her picture on their website (, Jeanne from NC welcomed her into a new home.

I love happy endings!