Thursday, June 25, 2009

Monday, June 22, 2009

Dogs and more dogs

Wow, have we been busy! Just a few weeks left before our trip up north with 125 dogs available for adoption. We've been rescuing 8-10 dogs each week. Today we pulled 10 dogs and 5 cats from the shelter. They were happy to leave, but afraid. If they only knew - things will be a lot better from now on.

Lots of fundraising efforts going on, too. Not our favorite activity, but money is needed to pay for the medications and sterilization surgeries. Check out the Operation Homeward Bound page on our website for more info. Sponsoring a dog would be a HUGE help to us.

And we dogs will be grateful to you for all eternity!

'til later,


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wagons Ho!

We've got some big news. WAG will be traveling north in July, transporting 125 rescued dogs to new homes. We've arranged to bring animals to a mega-adoption event held by a regional humane society in New England. At their last event, over 150 dogs were adopted in 3 days!

Can you imagine - 125 dogs finding homes in one month? That's ten times more than what's usually adopted out locally in the same time period. So this is HUGE for the animals. Check out the details at And please help by sponsoring a pet if you can - we accomplish a lot more when we all pull together.

'til later,


Shelter update

For those of you watching progress or lack thereof on the new government shelter, here's the latest - The bids came in too high so we've taken two steps back. Time to reassess the plans, the money options or whatever else needed to get this project going.

Unfortunately, after the new office building was completed the old kennels were demolished, reducing shelter capacity by about 40%. Meanwhile the staff struggles with 300+ animals a month coming through and trying to squeeze all those into 20 two-sided kennels. Let's hope government officials address this soon. It's important to remember these aren't old filing cabinets being stored until the new building is complete - it means animals are dying because there's no room at the inn. Big difference.