Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Fleas Are Coming!

Countdown to the Fleas Market - one day and counting. Please, Mother Nature, be kind in your weather decisions.

We've done a great job of collecting cool stuff. In fact, WAG members keep circling the goodies like vultures eyeing roadkill. But there's no buying ahead of time - they'll just have to get in there and wrestle for the prizes with everybody else!

Look for members wearing our new WAG t-shirts at the sale. Yes, they're all dressing up like clones now. But it could be worse. They could be wearing those giant sparkly velvet tassled Conehead- looking hats! Trust me, if that happens I'm outta here. Let 'em find some tacky cat to be their spokesanimal.

Anyway, there's life after the flea market and more WAG stuff going on. But I'll wait until afterwards to tell you about it. Don't want to confuse you with so much fun stuff all at once!

'Til later,


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