Friday, March 5, 2010


Guthrie was impounded as a cruelty case. He'd been hit by a car but his owners never took him for medical care. Skinny and in constant pain, his chance of rescue seemed slim. But shelter staff decided to give it a try and posted his photo on their website.

WAG posted Guthrie's story on several rescue message boards and it caught the attention of Whispering Woods Rescue in NY. A flurry of phone calls and emails ensued. Guthrie's happy ending came when WAG pulled him from the shelter and took him to Countryside Hospital for Animals for evaluation and pain medications. The next day a volunteer with Atlanta's Angels Among Us Rescue picked up Guthrie from Countryside to foster him. Because the vet suggested amputation, Guthrie will have his surgery in GA and recuperate before heading to his new home in NY.
One more happy tail!

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