Saturday, March 31, 2012

With Much Appreciation

The success of WAG is due to our amazing volunteers and supporters. Thank you to the following donors who helped us in January, February and March of 2012.

William and Georgeanne Ferguson, Carol Baum, Kara Lord, Karen Meredith, Anne Wood, Sirius Grooming, Steven and Kathleen Pinchak, Barbara Hudson, Lindsey Ivester, Judy Kimball, Elmer and Nancy Swartzmeyer, Michelle Evans, Mary Nichols, Dina Greenway, Neeeta Pant, Steve Brown, Boss Brothers Country Store, Snellville  Animal Hospital, Traci Bryan, Libbie Klucken, Dr. Shannon Miller, Lance Auto Parts, Andrew Bugbee, Mark and Laurie Day, Shelley Hight, Michelle Decker, Countryside Vet, Kar Bradley, Summit Chase Animal Hospital, Marsha Blackmon, Elizabeth Perry, Diane Motes, Janice Hart, Monica Hill, Cynthia Detallo, Debra Newton, Julie Sweeney, Shari Barnhart,Diane, McGonilge, Laura Smith, Brett Davis, Tricia Schlosser,Kayla Haner, Rona Watts, Georgia Robinson, Susan Jacobs, Joseph Morris, Susan DeFreese, Charlotte Lessig, Friends of Pauline, Claudio Sengas, Michael P. Brown, Ted Casado,Alison Portanova, Hayley Smith, Timothy Pike, Deborah Odom, Teresa Moffitt, Ava Watkins, Ellen Dorfman, Julie Sweeney, Teresa Andrews, Dianne McGonilge, Brenda Soldan, Bridget Smith, Tara Trainor, Melanie Medure, Tiziana Bartelli, Frances Price, Laura Weil, Kelly Mackin, Candice Beruty, Dale Walker, Regina Vodegal, Pul Bova, Blanc Apparel, Geraldine Messina, Raven Patrick, Christine Miller, Beth Greene, The Diva Den,Aaron Kuehn, Lisa Spalding, and Horizon Roofing


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