Tuesday, March 11, 2014

WAG's More Puppy Prevention Program

WAG has a new puppy program to help rehome your puppies and spay the mother dog for free. To clarify - we're not interested in helping "get rid" of your puppies - rather we are interested in taking them into our adoption program, vaccinating, deworming, spaying and neutering all the puppies BEFORE they are rehomed, then spaying the mother dog to make sure no more unexpected litters come along. Puppies taken into our program are vaccinated and dewormed before offered for adoption. Fifty percent of "free" puppies given away are never spayed or neutered, adding to deaths in the shelter, so our goal is to spay/neuter the entire litter, not just the puppies left over after giving away some.

If you're interested in the litter program, email wagwalton@yahoo.com for more info.

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